Track and Field Guidelines

Safety on the Track

Practice / Meet Rules

Drop Off & Pick Up

Personal Safety

  1. Be on time to practices and meets to ensure proper warm up. All athletes must warm up to prevent injuries.
  2. We are here to have fun, but not at the expense of each other’s safety. Treat others the way you would want them to treat you. Horseplay and roughhousing are not allowed. Help each other out.
  3. If you are injured or are having difficulty with a workout, please let a coach know immeadiately. No running, jumping, shot putting, or throwing is permitted when you are injured.
  4. Workouts should not be painful. If you are experiencing pain please let a coach know immeadiately.
  1. Track and Field areas can be dangerous at both meets and practices. Always keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of events and practices underway. Be particularly careful when stepping onto the track.
  2. At the start of our practice the high school track team will still be practicing. Proceed to the stands and wait there until the coaches instruct you on the day’s practice. Walking or running on the track, in-field or field event areas prior to the start of practice can be dangerous and is not allowed.
  3. Do not cross the long jump runways or the high jump apron. Go around these areas to avoid collisions with speeding jumpers. Do not run or jump in the long jump area unless under the direct supervision of a coach or official.
  4. Shot puts and softballs can be dangerous, especially when thrown. They are to be used only with permission and under the direct supervision of a coach or official.
  5. Do not jump or lie on the high jump pits unless you are performing or practicing the high jump under the supervision of a coach or official.
  6. Hurdles and pole vault areas are off limits. Misuse of these items can result in injury.
  1. When dropping off please tell your athlete to look for cars. This is a high school parking lot and young drivers abound. Please tell them to look for cars in the parking lot and walk to the track.
  2. When the practice is over. Kids are released from their groups to start walking to the stairs. If your child needs supervision please pick them up at the track entrance next to the new bathrooms and snack bars.
  3. Coaches will make sure no children are left at the track. We will wait for your child to be picked up but please remember to be prompt.
  4. Discuss the drop off and pickup plan with your child so they will know what to do.
  1. Practices are important, but not at the expense of homework, illness or injury. If you cannot participate please stay home, rest up and we will see you at the next practice.
  2. Workouts are carefully prepared by the coaches before each practice. The age and condition of each athlete is considered. The overall conditioning of the athlete is the priority as well making sure the kids have fun.
  3. Athletes are not allowed on the hill at the track or to go under the fence at the parking lot and get to the track.
  4. Arrive at the track meets at least 30 minutes before the start of the meet. If you cannot make it to a meet, please inform your coach prior to the meet. If you leave before the end of the meet, please inform your primary coach.
  5. Take all trash with you when you leave the track. Do not leave empty water bottles. Remember your sweats.
  6. If you must leave a practice early, a parent must come down to the track to collect you. We will not let you leave the track to meet your ride in the parking lot by yourself.